Nita marie fans only - OnlyFans model Nita Marie claims she had threesomes with husband and God

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OnlyFans model says stripping is what 'God wants her to do'

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Meet Nita Marie, OnlyFans star who strips because “God wants her to do”

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'God wants me to': OnlyFans model's shock claim

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Christian OnlyFans model who earns $1.8 million a year says GOD has told her to keep it up

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She's undoubtedly raking in a windfall of money - her standing as a social media influencer is pretty much proof of it.

  • However, because she believes God told her to continue, she views her role as a guide to help people have safe and healthy relationships with sex and their bodies.

  • Nita Marie has 953,000 followers.

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  • She told Jam Press that after getting divorced from her husband after 15 years, she was left to raise two young children on her own and work as a beauty sales representative.

  • It is a gift that God gave us to experience with other people where both parties are consensual,' she said 'To me, sexuality is a huge part of my faith.