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You can make a fidget spinner right at home with just a few broken crayons! Twist them into different shapes and see what you can make! Any racism, bigotry, or any other kind of hate speech is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.

  • Comfortably fitting in your pocket, the Tri Spinner can help you relieve stress while improving your focus.

  • Kids and adults both love twisting and turning it into lots of interesting shapes.

Full Ceramic Made of ceramic, the full ceramic bearing which includes both the outer and inner rings and the ball-bearings are made from a mix of ceramic compositions.

  • You can make Yggdrasil show leave messages with! Great as a gift or as a tool to help you improve your concentration, the fidget spinner is the perfect size to take with you wherever you go.

  • You can find patterns online to sew these yourself, or buy them at the link.