Welcome to Yushi

Our open Asian kitchen serves food inspired by several Asian cultures: Chinese style dumplings & rice dishes, Thai style noodles, Vietnamese salads & sandwiches and Japanese soups & sushi.

Every ingredient is hand-chopped, ground, sliced or squeezed every morning and brought together at the last possible minute for you to enjoy. We’re slow to make but fast to enjoy; the perfect combination of freshness and convenience.

If you’re joining us during lunch, you’ll find plenty of just-made chilled and hot grab & go dishes. After the lunch rush we make our hot dishes freshly to order. At any time throughout the day you can custom-build your own rice or noodle Yu Bowl.

We source locally grown ingredients wherever possible, avoid fatty and artificial ingredients and run in fear from MSG.

Have a look around our website or even better visit us in the kitchen. Most of all, let us know what you love or how we can improve.

Check out our video.

Luke Fryer
Founder, Yushi

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